EDM Office Services believes that maintaining a set of values is key to providing its staff and clients with an ethical culture and outstanding customer service.


Our workers are punctual, organized, knowledgeable and perform their duties in a professional manner. We strive for them to be adaptable people who carry a positive problem solving attitude in case changes or challenges arise on the job site. It is their dedication and aptitude that allows EDM to be the organization we strive to be.


We are committed to providing a safe environment on your jobsite. We perform services in a manner that promotes the safety of our employees and respect for the jobsites we are working on. Our policy on workplace safety is extensively covered with all employees and we are committed to this procedure whether we are at our facility or at yours. We believe safety is the key to having a successful job completion.


EDM has always had a strong dedication to making a difference in our community. We want to have a positive influence in the community by helping those less fortunate and/or those going through and temporary rough patch. We understand that by lifting up those in need we are creating an environment for them to flourish. EDM believes that reaching out and making a difference is contagious and we know that this philosophy is shared by many.